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LJ graphics and role-playing


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Welcome to X . u n k n o w n . X, a layout graphics and role-playing journal. The dual purpose of this journal is 1) a place to house my LJ layout graphics, and 2) to maintain my RPG.

This journal is partially friends only. The entries that have to do with the RPG and general rants will be put behind a friends cut. All graphics (layout headers, icons, banners, etc.) will be open to public viewing.

Feel free to friend for updates. :D
. Graphics Rules .

-> Leave comments to the appropriate entries stating what you're taking.
-> Please credit facefault for anything you take.
-> Do not hotlink.
-> Do not modify my graphics in any way.
-> Do not redistribute anything without permission.

Thanks, and enjoy! ♥

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. The Four Cities RPG .

-> Experienced RPers only.
-> You must be 18 or older to apply.
-> Friend this journal if you're a member.
-> Leave a comment so I can friend you back.
-> For informational updates, visit the OOC community.
-> Rants and rambles are found here.

. Characters .

[x] [o] Lord Arcas
[x] [o] Makaza Abidan
[x] [o] Nikolas Ascher
[x] [o] Azazel
[x] [o] Dr. Eden Merrick
[x] [o] Aponivi
[x] [o] Krypshun Penuat

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